Actual bonuses

Attention! The bonus can be obtained through the command $ bc start

You can use it only once and when using it
there should be no one within a radius of 30 meters from you and the nickname should not be Survivor, otherwise the bonus will be presented to a random player (protection from the fool).
The bonus will appear at the place where you are standing.
It includes this:
-2 barrels
-2 pliers
-2 saws
-2 axes
-2 hammers
-2 packs of nails
-2 castles
-2 wires
-2 thorns
-2 shovels

How do I set a nickname?


If you are using the standard launcher:
1) Go to the "Options" tab
2) Check the box "Profile name"
3) Write a nickname in English
(See screen 1)

If you are using DZSALauncher:
1) Click Settings
2) Click on the line "Ingame Name"
3) Write a nickname in English
(See screen 2)

Screen 1

Screen 2