Q: What do you mean "loot is not cut"
A: On the official servers there is a limit on the number of certain items. On the server, this limit is disabled and affects the number of things simultaneously on the map. Example: If someone found 5 SVDs at the office and hid them in a tent, they will not spawn. Here they will spawn in a certain amount on the map, regardless of how many people have in storage.

Q: How does anti-raid work?
A: Disabled damage to buildings and storages, the fence and tower can be disassembled from the inside, the gate with the lock cannot be disassembled until the password is entered.

Q: Where to file complaints?
A: In the LAN of the VK group or in the administrator's LAN in the discord


Q: How many corpses are there?
A: Hour, if the person did not cut through F11


Q: How long are the backpacks?

A: 3 hours