Server rules

Forbidden (BAN):
1. Use of any third-party software that gives an advantage in the game (cheats, scripts, macros, etc.).
For using cheats by one player, everyone playing with him is banned.


2. Using bugs in the game:
- being in textures,
- dup, actions leading to a server crash,
- crawling through closed doors.
- passages with visual obstacles.


3. Insulting the administration and other players!


4. Use nicknames like Admin and its variations. Obscene, offensive to people of other views, which can be regarded as inciting ethnic hatred. Advertising nicknames.


5. Pretend to be a server administrator or moderator!


6. Misleading the administration (false testimony)


7. It is forbidden to build at a distance of less than 500m from military bases (Allowable error 50m) Checkpoints, where no more than 3 tents are not considered a military base. Block posts with 4 or more tents are considered a military base. It is prohibited to build up checkpoints or military bases.


8. A raid is considered legal if it was committed:
-By password guessing
-Boarding by other players (It is forbidden to use things for planting. Objects that are part of the map (Houses, fences, etc.) or cars are not things)


9. If you have been damaged by another player or you have caused damage / killed a player, then exit is prohibited for 3 minutes.


10. Links to third-party sites, projects and communities


11. It is forbidden to build up camps


12. It is forbidden to build up roads or place markings on the roads (Ban 1st time 1 day / 2nd time 7 days / 3rd time Permanent)


13. It is forbidden to build up the entrances / passages of other people's bases (Ban 1st time 1 day / 2nd time 7 days / 3rd time Permanent)


14. If you have a VIP subscription, it is forbidden to return more than 1 time to the place of death with a standard set (clothes and food)
If you returned to the place of death with standard things and clothes.
* 1 violation - removal of a pistol from the starting set.
* 2 violations - removal of spawn points 2-3 km from the base and transfer to 4 km from the coast from the side of the base
* 3 violations - ban for a day + 3 days for each next violation.


15. It is forbidden to build up water pumps and police stations


16. It is forbidden to stream snipe (punishment with a sufficient amount of evidence)

17. It is forbidden to place buildings that are partially or completely in the air. That is, all 2 or 4 supports of a building must be placed on some surface. A fence on a fence is also considered a structure on the surface.